Hawk Home Services Area Include Toronto, Peel, Durham and Tri-City Region

Southern Ontario gets hit by a winter storm. It was about time because we were getting a bit worried and were having second thoughts about this winter. Now, It is very important to keep yourselves warm and cozy inside your house. Hawk Home Services has a fleet of licensed HVAC technicians to take care of all your HVAC needs. Our Service area include Toronto, Peel, Durham and Tri-City region. If you still have not had your furnace maintenance done, now is the time. It is very important to keep your furnace well maintained, this insures that the furnace works properly and also our licensed HVAC (heating and cooling) technicians can oversee any issues your furnace can have in the near future. You don’t want to be without heat after today’s winter storm, it reminds us how harsh winters can get. Stay safe and stay warm. If you have any heating problems (furnace breakdown, no heat, not enough heat, furnace turns off and on) at your house, call Hawk Home services at 416-289-6600 to fix your furnace.


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