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Some of the Common AC Problems

While there are many problems associated with the various types of AC units, some of them are very common. According to most AC repair in Cambridge, Toronto Professionals, a good number of AC malfunctions occur due to poor installation of the central air conditioner, leakage within the ducts and low levels of the refrigerant. In most cases, such problems happen when you hire unqualified service technicians to either install or maintain the air conditioning unit. The manufacturers of these units normally make high quality and rugged products, but the units may malfunction at some point. Mentioned below are some of the commonest Toronto AC repair problems.

Poor Maintenance

An AC unit can malfunction simply because the maintenance services conducted on it are inadequate. For instance, if the coils and filters of the unit are not cleaned properly, dirt will accumulate and may cause the fans and compressor components to fail permanently. This is why you should have maintenance services on these units carried out by skilled professionals.

Refrigerant Leaks

Many professionals in the AC repair industry can attest to the fact that this is one of the commonest AC repair Kitchener, Toronto problems today. If the level of refrigerant in your AC unit is low, the unit will not work effectively. A low refrigerant level may be because of a leakage or the professional who installed the unit undercharged it. However, the efficiency of the AC unit will be greatly impaired if the refrigerant charge does not match the one specified by the manufacturer of the AC unit. A qualified technician should be able to identify the leaking point, repair it, refill the refrigerant to the required level and test the unit to ensure that is working, as it should.

Sensor Malfunctioning

The majority of room AC units have a thermostat sensor, which is mostly situated behind the control panel. This sensor detects the temperature of the air entering the evaporative coil. If this sensor malfunctions, the entire unit may start behaving erratically or cycle constantly. This normally happens when the thermostat sensor is knocked out of position. Under normal circumstances, the sensor should be situated close to the coil, but not in contact with it.

While some of these AC repair Kitchener, Toronto problems may sound too easy to repair on your own, it is highly advisable to hire a skilled and experienced AC repair technician to diagnose the problem and repair it. At Hawk Home Services, we offer reliable, fast and professional AC repair services for the residents of Toronto and its surroundings.

Hawk Home Services Area Include Toronto, Peel, Durham and Tri-City Region

Southern Ontario gets hit by a winter storm. It was about time because we were getting a bit worried and were having second thoughts about this winter. Now, It is very important to keep yourselves warm and cozy inside your house. Hawk Home Services has a fleet of licensed HVAC technicians to take care of all your HVAC needs. Our Service area include Toronto, Peel, Durham and Tri-City region. If you still have not had your furnace maintenance done, now is the time. It is very important to keep your furnace well maintained, this insures that the furnace works properly and also our licensed HVAC (heating and cooling) technicians can oversee any issues your furnace can have in the near future. You don’t want to be without heat after today’s winter storm, it reminds us how harsh winters can get. Stay safe and stay warm. If you have any heating problems (furnace breakdown, no heat, not enough heat, furnace turns off and on) at your house, call Hawk Home services at 416-289-6600 to fix your furnace.

AC Maintenance Saves Money!

Air Conditioners in today’s date have become modernized machines. Due to slight carelessness or lack of information Ac’s can break down and you will need to get your ac repaired by a certified technician. To avoid these situations have your ac maintenance done timely.

We at Hawk home services are available to solve your Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto. Gone are the days when AC’s were reliable and can last for years to years. But today if you do not take the proper care of your AC’s and take it for granted, then you are surely going to pay a handsome amount of money in getting it repaired. Your AC needs repairing when it does not cool the room properly or when it starts making annoying noises that are unbearable, then you must contact a professional for its repairing.

Some common reasons for air conditioning repair- Before any system fails, it will let you know by giving some unusual warnings. It depends on you how you take these small warnings seriously and take some decision for getting it serviced at the proper time. These are few problems that can let you know about your AC needs repair

. If you ever find that water is leaking from your system, consult Hawk for Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto and surrounding areas. If this problem is not solved, then it can cause some serious water damage to your home.

· Sometimes, your AC needs repair due to freezing of coils due to because there is a lack of proper air flow.

· Sometimes, the annoying noise that comes out from air conditioner becomes louder day by day if you do not pay attention to it and avoid it. This can crash your motor and your air conditioning will not blow any air.

Some tips on how can you save money on air conditioning repair-
we all know that AC’s are one of the most invested things at your home or even office. So, if you do not want to feel the scorching heat in the summers, then you must surely take proper care of your AC’s. You can take out the filter from time to time and replace it to get a cool breeze regularly. Keep your AC condenser (the unit placed outside your house) clean which is the solution of all the problems. If you are not able to handle the problem yourself, then you can surely contact Hawk for all your Air Conditioning Repair needs in Greater Toronto Area, Peel and Durham Region.

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